What happens to the donated cars in general

Conventionally, car donation occurs when you donate your old car to a charity, which is usually channeled through intermediaries called car donation services. They are non-profitable organizations that is take care in particular of the sale or transfer of your vehicle and all documents. When you call them on their own toll-free number, the car donation service collects your car and receives a return receipt. Donating a vehicle simply means getting rid of a used
Now what are the things that happen when you donate your cars to veterans?
The first thing that happens when you donate your car is that the charity, for example Patriotichearts, look at the car and delete all the custom items. They may even need to clean it and remove the waste from the vehicle.

Typically, the charity arrange for a nearby towing company to pick up your vehicle outside your home. The vehicle might not necessarily be in a good working order. The charity would be the one responsible for this. They send it to their specified location or a more local auction site. Most charitable organizations have their own mechanisms that really offer their time and services. This approach will save money and time to repair the vehicle.

If your car is not in a good working system, that send it to an auto mechanic to examine the car, and do the necessary repairs. This will allow the charity to auction the vehicle for a better price or use it for charity services. All of these steps depend on the charity and exactly what its rules are for donated vehicles.

These charities can be associated with several causes. Several causes involve helping cancer patients, abandoned families and even being of help to several other countries. If you have a penchant for a specific nonprofit cause, always seek out car donation services that support your own cause or, if not, request that the proceeds be used for the chosen nonprofit cause. But wherever your own automatic donation goes, it’s really good to support those who need it.

In some cases, non-functioning vehicles are sold for parts or scrap, and the money is used to offset other costs or donated to local charities. Cars and trucks are not the only vehicles donated. Many centers also accept trailers, boats, motorcycles and even airplanes which are sold at auction.

Where do you donated cars go?

Your donated cars can sometimes be donated to a needy individual or a family who sincerely needs a car. Also, it can be used by the organization you donated it to, for transporting needy people in very bad situations, such as picking unsheltered children up and accommodating them, drive cancer patients to appointments.

Your donated car can go also through a process where it is repaired (teaching professional skills) then sold at auction (for the benefit of a charity) and even used by someone who bought it at a very low price to help with a specific charitable need.


It feels so fulfilling making a positive change. Always look for accreditation of car donation services; make sure they are a charity rated well. This specific accreditation will guarantee that they are recognized by the IRS and that your car donation earnings will be a good cause.
If you cannot find a car donation center near you or if no one can help you, contact your local help center. Many donation centers have specific programs they deliver, such as Patriotichearts.

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