Benefits of donating your vehicles to veterans

benefits of donating your car

The importance of donating your vehicles to veterans cannot be overemphasized. From old vehicles, to household items – there are many ways that people can make these charity donations. The reasons behind these donations may vary. Some people donate solely for the tax benefit (if
any). Others want to satisfy a need to help out others less fortunate than themselves. Others donate their things to get rid of ‘crap’ that is taking up valuable space.

However, no matter the reason, it is important to understand that veterans have given up everything to protect their own country from enemies. They sacrifice their work and their time to devote to their family. Sometimes they give up their lives for us and for our country. Thus, these true heroes deserve only the best thanks to the help and support of their fellow citizens.These people have lives to lead, families to care for, bills to pay and many other responsibilities, like everyone else. So, you need to donate to veterans organizations today to meet your needs.

The fact that at one point these people served our country without returning is a great honor for all the others. The most common donations for these individuals are useful through grants for children, medical assistance, claims settlement funds and non-monetary items from veterans.But when is comes to vehicles, a car donation can help out others in a big way. And you stand to
get some real while benefits that you may not have thought of…

Personal benefits of donating your car to veterans

why donate car
  • You get more parking space:
    That old clunker is taking up valuable parking space. Get rid of it and your life will be better. And
    if you are replacing the old car with a new one, great. Because…
  • The old car is an eyesore
    You will be improving the neighborhood by getting rid of it: Replacing the old car with a new one or eliminating it altogether is better than leaving the dingy-looking one parked at the curb in front of your house.
  • You can use your upcoming charity car donation to help you get your ‘significant other’s’ permission to buy that new car you’ve been wanting:
  • You get a possible tax deduction:
    Here’s the way this works: A standard deduction of $500 off of your reported income is the only tax benefit you’ll get if the car is really old or damaged (salvage yard material). However, you can always claim more depending on the situation surrounding it.
  • You get the good feeling of helping out a family that has truly fallen on bad times:
    Not everyone that gets charity donations are lazy, welfare spongers; most are folks not much different from you or me. The difference is that they experienced extraordinary bad luck. Bad luck that – up ’til now – you and I have been fortunate enough to miss.
    …Things such as fires, floods, victims of crimes, and the worst of all – losing their lives due to no direct reason of their own. Donating a drivable car is probably what their families need.
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