What happens to the donated cars in general

Conventionally, car donation occurs when you donate your old car to a charity, which is usually channeled through intermediaries called car donation services. They are non-profitable organizations that is take care in particular of the sale or transfer of your vehicle and all documents. When you call them on their own toll-free number, the car donation service collects your car and receives a return receipt. Donating a vehicle simply means getting rid of a used
Now what are the things that happen when you donate your cars to veterans?
The first thing that happens when you donate your car is that the charity, for example Patriotichearts, look at the car and delete all the custom items. They may even need to clean it and remove the waste from the vehicle.

Typically, the charity arrange for a nearby towing company to pick up your vehicle outside your home. The vehicle might not necessarily be in a good working order. The charity would be the one responsible for this. They send it to their specified location or a more local auction site. Most charitable organizations have their own mechanisms that really offer their time and services. This approach will save money and time to repair the vehicle.

If your car is not in a good working system, that send it to an auto mechanic to examine the car, and do the necessary repairs. This will allow the charity to auction the vehicle for a better price or use it for charity services. All of these steps depend on the charity and exactly what its rules are for donated vehicles.

These charities can be associated with several causes. Several causes involve helping cancer patients, abandoned families and even being of help to several other countries. If you have a penchant for a specific nonprofit cause, always seek out car donation services that support your own cause or, if not, request that the proceeds be used for the chosen nonprofit cause. But wherever your own automatic donation goes, it’s really good to support those who need it.

In some cases, non-functioning vehicles are sold for parts or scrap, and the money is used to offset other costs or donated to local charities. Cars and trucks are not the only vehicles donated. Many centers also accept trailers, boats, motorcycles and even airplanes which are sold at auction.

Where do you donated cars go?

Your donated cars can sometimes be donated to a needy individual or a family who sincerely needs a car. Also, it can be used by the organization you donated it to, for transporting needy people in very bad situations, such as picking unsheltered children up and accommodating them, drive cancer patients to appointments.

Your donated car can go also through a process where it is repaired (teaching professional skills) then sold at auction (for the benefit of a charity) and even used by someone who bought it at a very low price to help with a specific charitable need.


It feels so fulfilling making a positive change. Always look for accreditation of car donation services; make sure they are a charity rated well. This specific accreditation will guarantee that they are recognized by the IRS and that your car donation earnings will be a good cause.
If you cannot find a car donation center near you or if no one can help you, contact your local help center. Many donation centers have specific programs they deliver, such as Patriotichearts.


Types of vehicles to donate

donate car for veterans

Thinking of participating in a charity’s vehicle donation program? Do you want to know if your vehicle will be accepted? It can be confusing to find out which charities accept which types of vehicles. We have made it simple. Kindly check out website out.

Is your car working? If so, so much the better! It is always an advantage. The better the condition of a vehicle, the more valuable it is for charity.
However, if your vehicle hasn’t’t worked for years, they would accept it. Either it is transmission problems, engine problems or even flat tires? Most charity organizations accepts cars under all conditions. Do you have an SUV, pickup truck or truck? These are certainly also appreciated. For clarity sake, these cars have been grouped.


  • SUV
  • Trucks
  • Cars

These vehicles are considered to reach a better auction price than some cars, as they are often perceived to have a variety of uses by potential buyers.

Secondary vehicles

  • Motorcycle
  • Trailers
  • Off-road vehicles

Charity organizations also receive donations of motorcycles. You can donate a motorcycle with or without a trailer, although it is useful to include it in the motorcycle.

In addition, if you have a trailer at home that you no longer need, they are also wonderful to donate by yourself.
What if you don’t have a car, truck, SUV, van or motorcycle to donate? Patriotichearts, for example, requires even many off-road vehicles.
It is also important to note that, from motorhomes to pop-up campers, teardrop trailers to bus conversions, trailers are a welcome addition to charity.

Tertiary vehicles

  • Boats
  • RVs
  • Watercraft

Most charitable organizations like Patriotichearts can regularly accepts these other types of vehicle donations.
The first type is that of boats. Boats may be in good condition or in need of repair. They can be anything, from small fishing boats to large yachts.

The second of this is RVs. Yes, you read that right – recreational vehicles. Most charitable organization accepts recreational vehicles.

Lastly, sports vehicles are another type of vehicle that many do not know that Patriotichearts allows. Are there old winter or summer sports that are no longer used? Do you know the old Jet Ski that needs a little work or the snowmobile that you bought a few years ago, but that hasn’t touched you more than once? They are all acceptable.So now you know what vehicle that you can donate, and the conditions under which the vehicles should be. From trucks to motorhomes, jet skis to RVs, in working order or not, These organizations accept almost any vehicle you can imagine.


The phrase ‘car donations’ might sound a bit confusing, you can donate almost anything automated to Patriotichearts.org. They accept any type of vehicles. Ranging from SUVs, Trucks, Vans, Trailers and even Motorcycles and Boats can be donated. The parameters of the type of vehicle accepted vary from one institution to another, so talk to someone about the institution and find out. This can help you clarify more than just the old clunker.


How charity vehicle donation works and how it generally helps veterans

Charity vehicle donation program enables citizens to help daily provide vital services to disabled veterans by donating their old vehicles. The organizations simply the donation of vehicles, once all the arrangements have been made and the necessary documents have been filled in, those who donate their vehicle plan a moment for taking charge of the vehicle. After this, a professional towing company will collect the vehicle at the specified time and drive you to the nearest charity organization center. Then the Military Order of the Patriotichearts Organization will send a donation receipt because the donation is tax deductible.
The proceeds from this car donation program go to many worthy causes. Donating
cars to veterans serve several purposes, apart from the respect and regard it adds to them, the car you donate can allow them to have basic mobility that they possibly cannot afford, if all their incomes come with VA benefits. Below is an explanation on how your donated cars helped veterans.

How your donated cars help veterans

Most of these veterans live in some kind of limbo, in which they do enough to support themselves (or be supported by their benefits) to a limited extent, but not enough to enjoy every comfort.
Likewise, the case in difficult economic times, when jobs are scarce. Some veterans, who are only partially disabled, can still work part-time and earn enough to live more comfortably. And the gift of cars with a Patriotic heart makes it a reality for many of them.

Part of the proceeds from these vehicle donations is spent on the legal representation of veterans before the courts and on advice to veterans on legal matters. Another notable cause of this foundation is the establishment of a constant presence in Washington in the best interest of veterans. Legislation, if not carefully considered, can often take away rights and / or services from established programs. Therefore, vehicle donations not only guarantee proper treatment for veterans now, but also guarantee that they will be treated fairly in the future.

These are programs that include helping these veterans acquire new skills. On the other hand, these programs can help these veterans find jobs using the new skills they have learned. In any case, donating your old vehicle to veterans who have served our country proudly and honorably simply means paying their patriotic duty of going to work thereby guaranteeing our own personal freedoms.

Also, most charitable organizations use the money gained from the auctioned vehicles to help veterans who who have suffered injuries as a result of their service. In some cases, the deficiencies suffered are relatively low; however, in other cases, the injuries are so serious that they do not get regular treatment and need help from the government of the Veterans Administration. Even medical conditions that arise from the course of serving the country, such as nerve damage or post-traumatic stress disorder, can completely disrupt the lives of veterans who return to civilian life for the sole purpose of earning a living.


Benefits of donating your vehicles to veterans

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If you are looking to get rid of an old, unused automobile, you have some different options to consider.Vehicle donation programs are a major source of revenue for most major charities. If you have a favorite charity, you might want to ask them if they are accepting car donations. Be sure to check with your accountant before donating your vehicle.Another option is selling the car or truck to a local salvage yard or junk car dealer. These companies will usually offer you a cash payment for your car, even if it isn’t roadworthy.Both charities and salvage dealers normally offer free towing or haul-away service, so you just need to determine the plan of action that is best for you. Use our website to research local charities, tax deduction info, and other useful factors that may influence your decision.

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