Patriotic Hearts’ Mission:

Patriotic Hearts’ works to assist U.S. Military Veterans and their families return to the civilian sector as healthy, successful and important contributors to the American way of life. Patriotic Hearts’ also strive to educate the US citizenry about their valiant sacrifices and value to our nation.

Transitioning veterans often take years to catch up with their civilian peers financially. Too often the stress of finding stable, viable employment takes a toll on the individual and his family. Part of Patriotic Hearts’ Mission is to help reduce that stress by assisting veterans in the transition to the civilian lifestyle. Patriotic Hearts’ programs include:

  • Job Board
  • Vet-Entrepreneur Mentoring
  • Military Marriage Enrichment Retreats
  • Career & Personal Counseling
  • US Military Maintenance
  • Patriotic Concerts
  • Helping Homeless US Veterans

Patriotic Hearts is recognized is a 401c3 Non Profit Organization, Tax ID #20-8599179

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